Join us for the Share the Love Level 6 Junior Charity Tennis Tournament on June 1 and 2nd! Registration Opens Soon

2nd Annual Share the Love Level 6 Junior Charity Tennis Tournament

Join us as we host the 2nd Annual Share the Love Level 6 Junior Charity Tennis Tournament! The event will take place at the Anaheim Tennis Center on June 1 and 2nd.

Youth-led camps for cool kids diagnosed with IDD

Join us for fun and accessible sports program

Serving Advantage is an adaptive tennis program created for kids of all needs + abilities

A youth-led nonprofit organization and growing tennis program created for children with intellectual or developmental differences who are between the ages 8-17. Our mission is to make the world a more inclusive, safer, and happier place for kids of all abilities!

2nd Annual Share the Love Level 6 Junior Charity Tennis Tournament

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Youth-led camps and clinics for cool kids across any spectrum.

Our student athletes work together to promote understanding and empathy through adaptive sports.

Doubles Partner System

100% of all on-the-court volunteers are middle school and high school tennis players who are partnered up with students on a 1:1 basis.

All Doubles Partners go through specialized training sessions and learn how to be empathetic and understanding to those in the special needs community, thus promoting awareness, creating acceptance, and leading others to take action towards inclusion.

Doubles Partners learn leadership and coaching skills, change lives, and bond with students and their families.

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Celebrate and educate about the IDD community

Join us this month as we share stories about amazing moments on the courts and provide information and education about our incredible student community!

How can you make a difference?

◉ Spread Awareness - be a catalyst for positive change and share why inclusivity is important! Share our posts on Facebook and Instagram with your friends and family!

◉ Donate/Fundraise - your donations will go to cover program expenses, expand our clinics and camps, and provide leadership development for our teen tennis volunteers!

◉ Create a Connection - become a Doubles Partner volunteer and make new friends!

Some of our wonderful participating high schools