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What does a typical clinic/camp day look like?

Each day students will work on various tennis fundamentals.We will also be focusing on strengthening social skills by working as a “doubles team” with a consistent peer buddy mentor/coach, taking turns, and following instructions. Activities each lesson/camp day may include:

  • Group Warm-Up 
  • Hand-Eye Coordination drills
  • Racket Skills
  • Groundstrokes
  • Volleys
  • Serves
  • Scoring
  • Group Games

We will be taking frequent breaks to keep students and volunteers comfortable. We do ask that parents/guardians be responsible for assisting with any toileting or self-care, if necessary.

How do you ensure safety? 

Safety is always our number one priority on the court! We will always start the day by holding a “safety talk” with all students and volunteers. We will also have a 1:1 volunteer to camper ratio, we will make sure participants maintain a safe distance from one another, and all drills are set up so students are hitting in the same direction. 

What should my child wear for camp? 

Athletic clothes and tennis shoes (no dark soles allowed on the court) and we also recommend hats and sunscreen because it will be sunny and hot. 

Does my child need to bring his/her own tennis racket? 

Serving Advantage can provide tennis rackets so please let us know if you need a racket. 

Is there anything else my child needs to bring to camp? 

A water bottle (please have all extraneous items labeled with your child’s name.) 

Is this a drop-off program? 

Parents are always welcome to stay on site during camp and watch from a designated parent area. If you do drop off, we ask that you leave a cell phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency. 

Can my child participate if he/she has limited speech? 

Of course!. Please let us know how your child best communicates or if he/she uses other forms of communication (i.e. signs, PECS, assistive communication technology devices, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate his/her needs. 

Does my child need an autism diagnosis to participate? 

No, an autism diagnosis is not mandatory. We do focus our program on children with autism, but we do welcome children with mild cognitive or closely related developmental conditions who have challenges accessing mainstream recreational sports and activities. We will work with you to determine if our program is a good fit for your child. 

Does my child need to be toilet-trained in order to attend? 

No, it is not required. However, if your child is not toilet trained, then we ask that you stay on site and be responsible for assisting your child with any toileting needs that may come up during the course of a clinic. 

Will there be adult volunteers/coaches/staff on site as well? 

Yes, we do have an adult coach/parent advisor on site at all times. 

May I come out on the court with my child? 

Our program is flexible and we welcome parent’s (parents, guardians or BI’s, but not siblings) on the court IF you feel that your child is in need of added support. However, we also want our peer buddies to have the opportunity to bond with your child so we will ask that you work with us to determine what is best for your child and to keep in mind the experiences of the other children in the program. 

Are typical siblings allowed to participate? 

Not at this time. 

What if my child needs to take extra breaks? 

Our program is flexible and can be modified based on each individual child, if necessary. 

My child’s friend is also participating in the program. Is it possible for them to play on the same court?

Of course we will make best efforts to honor these requests whenever possible and appropriate. Social connection is a very important program goal. 

What is the policy if there is extreme weather (i.e. summer heat)? 

If a camp day must be canceled due to weather, we will text everyone as early as possible on the day of the camp. 

Is Serving Advantage insured? 

Yes, we are insured through the United States Professional Tennis Association.

How is Serving Advantage addressing COVID-19 and social distancing practices? 

Serving Advantage has prepared a few different alternatives depending on social distancing guidelines at the time of clinic. We will let all families know how clinics work in advance. With social distancing practices changing every few weeks, it is difficult to say now what will be in place then and how that will affect students and volunteers. Safety is our number one priority, so please know we are keeping this in mind at all times.

Youth-led organization providing adaptive tennis clinics and camps for cool kids diagnosed with IDD.

Serving Advantage is a youth-led charitable organization that hosts year round adaptive tennis clinics and camps for children ages 8-16 with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). Serving Advantage focuses on providing tennis fundamentals, skills development, raising awareness, promoting accessibility and inclusion in sports, leadership development, community service, and social awareness among the youth. Student athletes are able to engage in positive peer interactions, increase their socializing opportunities, and better  understand social landscapes. Our system helps foster self esteem, teaches positive relationships, and promotes social skills needed for everyday life. 

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