Join us for the Share the Love Level 6 Junior Charity Tennis Tournament on June 1 and 2nd! Registration is now open!

Mission Statement

To help people of all abilities develop a love and passion for tennis by serving them the advantage with social skills needed for everyday life, while also promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for the special needs community.

Vision Statement

To create a world where those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are celebrated, accepted, and included!

Founder's Story

For years, co-founder, Jacob Eusebio, struggled to find a way to connect with his autistic brother Evan. Then one day, Evan found his way onto the tennis court with Jacob and the brothers had an incredible time. That was the day life changed and Evan and Jacob began to build the special connection. After some research, Jacob realized there was a real lack of consistent adaptive tennis programs for kids like his brother, and he reached out to friends, Natalie and Andy, to create a program where they could share their love of tennis with other special needs families.

Meet the Team