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Be Inspired. Be Ambitious.

Be Inspired. Be Ambitious.

Be Inspired. Be Ambitious.

Gavin Kuo’s Adventure with Disney Dreamers Academy.

By Hadley Won, Social Media Coordinator

Gavin Kuo, Serving Advantage’s Data Tech Director, and Coach, had the opportunity to travel to Florida with Disney Dreamers Academy. The Disney Dreamers Academy involves young leaders to dream and be motivated to follow their ambitions as they explore Walt Disney’s Company with different roles.

“I joined the Disney Dreamers Academy to be inspired,” Gavin shared. “My goal was to find a community of like-minded peers and mentors who could help push me towards achieving my dreams. I was eager to explore new opportunities, connect with and learn from industry leaders, and gain valuable insights that aren’t available in a day-to-day classroom setting.”

During his time at the academy, Gavin participated in hands-on experiences, gaining valuable glimpses into what a career as a software engineer at The Walt Disney Company might entail. Alongside engaging in group bonding activities with peers, Gavin attended motivational speeches and presentations by highly successful professionals. Of course, the program also included exploring the enchanting Disney Theme Parks, creating unforgettable memories and inspiring future aspirations.

Reflecting on his experience, Gavin mentioned, “I had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals from diverse fields,” which included imagineers, artists, animators, programmers, business leaders, former Olympians, entertainers, students from prestigious universities, and an airline pilot, “which truly excited me,” continued Gavin. “Each professional shared their unique journey,” with advice and encouraging these young leaders, including Gavin, to, “pursue our dreams.”

Beyond the professionals, Gavin had the opportunity to connect with other Dreamers, each with impressive accomplishments of their own, who have since become cherished friends. The Disney Dreamers Academy left Gavin with unforgettable memories and a profound sense of empowerment, inspiring him to pursue his aspirations with renewed determination.

Throughout this experience, Gavin’s favorite memory was a presentation by host, Princeton Parker. Gavin expressed, “this speech had a profound impact on me and completely shifted my perspective on life. Princeton's message emphasized the importance of serving others and highlighted the noble role of the ‘hero-maker’ in empowering others to succeed. It inspired me to live purposefully and make meaningful contributions to the lives of those around me.”

The Disney Dreamers Academy left a significant impression on Gavin.  He says this experience has, “helped [him] better understand the steps needed in order to achieve [his] goals.” After the conference, Gavin walked away with a heightened sense of confidence in his abilities with a deep understanding of the , “importance of tenacity when chasing [his] dreams.”

As you can tell, Gavin Kuo had a great time at Disney Dreamers Academy, coming back from Florida with a greater perspective on his Dream and goals! While 2024 Applications are closed, continue to check out for your future!